Heroin Addiction Drug Rehabilitation

alcohol rehab centersWelcome to the Wellness Oasis – one of the most reputable rehabilitation and recovery clinics in the world dealing with heroin addiction. For years now, our experts have been helping those that are suffering with addiction, dependencies, and drink and drug related afflictions.
Many consider us a luxury clinic and although we do make a point of ensuring that our patients are treated with the latest procedures and the most advanced services – where we really shine is in the level of care that we provide to every single person that walks through our door.
Your comfort and convenience is our priority and we understand more than most just how much of a toll a drink or drug addiction can take on your life.
That’s why as soon as you’re admitted to one of our recovery courses, you can rest assured that we will put you and your needs first.
Our Extensive Treatments for Heroin Addiction Drug Rehabilitation
We don’t just rely on the latest techniques to ensure that our patients are able to walk away clean and clear of their addictions – we also employ some of the most highly trained industry experts in Australia.
Our services can only be as good as our expertise, but thanks to the extensive knowledge and professionalism afforded by our medical staff and healthcare personnel – we can all but alcohol rehabensure that you’ll stand the highest chance of walking away completely free from your addiction.
Do We Only Offer Treatments?
In short, the answer would have to be no. Yes, we are a drug and alcohol rehab and of course we are able to take care of the specific needs and preferences of our patients – but we are also one of the only luxury rehabs in our beautiful country. When relying on our services, you will be pampered to your heart’s content.
We utilise dozens of specialists that can help to care for you and your needs in every imaginable way.
In our experience and opinion, there’s genuinely no better way to maximise the potential for recovery, whilst enjoying the types of services commonly experienced in spas and beauty salons than by signing up to our recovery programs.
Oasis is in our name and it’s our top priority – in fact if there’s one thing that our patients could say about our services it’s that they feel a little less like addicts and a lot more like clients, undergoing treatment from professionals that genuinely care.
To book our services, or to talk to one of our friendly advisors – give us a quick call today or send our team an email with as much information about you (or your suffering loved one) and we’ll do everything that we can to help.